Atomic Laser Space Octopus

14 июня 2017

ZX Spectrum

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Игра (TAP, ZX Spectrum)


You are Atomic Laser Space Octopus.

Passage through the Dimensional Rift was not pleasant, but your problems are just beginning.

Even as you phase back into 3-space, you can already see swarms of Evil Sprifs approaching from the DARK BLUE of the distant waters.

After pausing for a mere moment to appreciate the way the beautiful clear BRIGHT CYAN waters cast shimmering caustics across your translucent BRIGHT GREEN laser tentacles, you turn the attention of all nine of your brains to the problem at tentacle.

All three of your hearts begin pounding as you energise your Laser Tentacles with your BLUE copper-based blood made of atoms, and prepare for the onslaught...


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