Four Player Light Cycles

5 июня 2017

ZX Spectrum

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Игра (TAP, ZX Spectrum)


Four Player Light Cycles for the ZX Spectrum, controls are:

Q, W: rotate the red light cycle O, P: rotate the green light cycle N, M: rotate the blue light cycle Z, X: rotate the yellow light cycle Here's how it works:

Line 10 - draw the border of the arena and set up the increments for movement

Line 20 - set up the initial position / colour / controls for each cycle

Line 30 - loop through all live cycles

Line 40 - display cycle trail, update cycle position, check for collision

Line 50 - display cycle, check for anti-clockwise controls

Line 60 - check for clockwise controls

Line 70 - loop until only one cycle remaining

Line 80 - display game over and cycle rankings. pause then restart

Line 90 - initial data for cycle position / colour / controls


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