Life on Earth for MSX 2 just went gold

Half a year ago we told you that Life on Earth for MSX2 became available for pre-order. Well, today it went gold and, just like its predecessor Life on Mars, is full of bike riding and jetpack flying fun.

Kai Magazine studio raised a bar really high with this title. The graphics are top-notch and packed with various effects, the levels are beautiful as life itself. The game even has an animated intro and different endings. The music composed by Manuel Dopico sounds great on every supported MSX configuration.

The game requires a V9990 graphics card and supports FM-PAC, Music Module (with FM-PAC too) and OPL4 for sound.

Life On Earth добежала до релиза на MSX2Life On Earth добежала до релиза на MSX2

The RAM requirements depend on the type of MSX machine being used. Life on Earth works without slowdowns on any MSX2 with 64k of RAM with FM-PAC and Music Module. Turbo R performs just as well except for the loading times, they will be faster.

The OPL4 requires 128k of RAM. Non-turbo z80 users with OPL4 are going to experience small slowdowns on some occasions.

The game is optimized for working with Turbo R and MSX computers made by Panasonic and Zemmix. One Chip MSX has a great support as well.

You can buy a digital version of Life on Earth for € 12 or a physical copy for €42.

Delivery cost:

  • Europe - € 10,8;
  • World - € 12,8.

The soundtrack may also get a CD release if such a thing will be in demand.

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