Alter Ego arcade puzzle game released on the Sega Mega Drive

Look how time flies! It turns out that Denis Grachev's wonderful arcade puzzle game Alter Ego was released almost 10 years ago - in May 2011. At that time Denis wasn't keen on multicolor, so the game was technically quite usual for Spectrum (and not with a very high frame rate), but fascinating.

Since then Comrade Grachev managed to produce a few more puzzle super-hits, and Alter Ego was ported to Commodore 64, NES, Android, PC and Linux. And now it's come to Sega Mega Drive - in September Alter Ego was released on this console too, and of course it's improved and became much smoother.

To recap the gist of the game: you control a hero who has an alter ego, his ghostly twin, whose movements are completely mirrored. On some levels horizontally, on others vertically. You can switch between heroes, but only a limited number of times per level. In fact, on each screen, you have to collect all the power-ups and not get caught by the enemies.

Download Alter Ego for Mega Drive from official site or from "Perfect Pixel".

28 декабря 2020, 18:49

Между героями можно переключаться, но ограниченное число раз на уровне.

В данной версии - неограниченное. Из-за этого игра слишком лёгкая. :-(

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