The new Toki teaser for Amstrad CPC showcases colorful graphics and... slowdowns

Studio GGP has released a new teaser of their own port of the classic hit Toki on Amstrad CPC. Alas, compared to January beta nothing has changed significantly - the game looks quite colorful, but the frame rate leaves a lot to be desired, and smooth scrolling or at least screen-by-screen switching has been replaced by "twitchy scrolling when reaching the edge of the screen".

The game desperately lacks smoothness, but the authors seem to be happy with everything. As for the new trailer, it shows off an icy level 4:

10 апреля, 15:33

Видно, что вся графика рисуется по знакоместам, вряд ли автор это изменит. Плавности, конечно, это не добавляет, но если понять, что всё двигается "по-клеточкам", то играть будет вполне комфортно.

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