Evercade VS - retro multiplayer console announced

Blaze Entertainment, apparently completely satisfied with the demand for the Evercade handheld console, has announced its new brainchild, the Evercade VS console, designed for cooperative gaming.

It will be released in November 2021, will be connected to a TV through HDMI (resolution - 1080p) and boasts four USB-ports for gamepads. Both branded (the complete set has as much as one), and third-party - ordinary and wireless (for example, from Microsoft or 8bitdo) will be suitable.

Of course, it will be possible to play with someone else only those games that originally support multiplayer. Given that Evercade's library will expand to 280 titles by the end of 2021, there will be plenty to choose from. Virtually all of the Evercade cartridges are also supported on Evercade VS, and the console has two slots to change them less frequently. Alas, both parts of Namco Museum won't work - their licensing agreement only provides for launching on handheld consoles.

By the way, Evercade VS has a built-in WiFi module. Initially it will only be used to update the firmware, but later some online features are promised. We really want to believe that the guys from Blaze Entertainment will be able to implement online multiplayer - it is very missing in retro games.

Pre-orders for the console will open May 28 at official site - priced from $100, €100 or £90. More expensive bundles with additional gamepads and cartridges are expected. In the meantime, you can take a look at the cute promotional trailer:

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