"Color Lines is back in the Color Lines Challenge!

Have you ever seen '90s office girls playing Color Lines (/games/colorlines/) for hours on end? Hear the authentic splash music blown by the funny human balloons from their polished pipes? Feel the lingering elasticity of those little colored bouncing hell-raisers?

Even if your answer is suddenly no, just take a tour of the history of the original 1992 Color Lines, published by Gamos. And to complete the picture, also admire the game in person:

Got it? Do you remember? Then you are ready for a new challenge - Color Lines Challenge! - a more complicated version of the puzzle with five levels, where each level increases the number of balls appearing each turn. Don't be confused by the simplicity of the first level where the balls appear one by one, because it can be rather difficult to pass the game.

But in the case of successful completion of all five levels and complete the conditions of the test - you can see a cartoon! True story. The existing version runs on Windows, that's what you can download from our site and try it on the teeth. And then write a little review, because the author of the game is, as it happens, your humble servant.

15 февраля, 11:46


Ну, молодцы! Точь в точь :)

15 февраля, 11:59

А мультик видели? :)

22 февраля, 00:09

Алисе от Алиски! ))) ❤️

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