Saving retro games in the platformer Mabus Mania

Friendly site Planeta Sinclair led us to a pretty good platformer Mabus Mania created by Oscar Llamas (Hicks) for ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC (thanks to the AGD engine, which works great on a bunch of platforms).

The plot of the game is very tragic - a simple worker Mabus comes home after a long day at work and finds out that his wife has cleaned her house and threw all his retro games in the trash. From where, of course, they were instantly scattered in the neighborhood. Surrendering his wife to a madhouse, divorce and division of property Mabus decides to leave for later, the main thing now - to find all his games. To do this you have to go through a bunch of screens, collect on each of them all the floppy disks, insert them into the computer, and then run to the exit.

Mabus Mania is drawn rather prettily, though without extravagance, the game is also not bad, besides, poor Mabus really wants to help! Download the game from official site or from "Perfect Pixel": here is version for ZX Spectrum, and here is for Amstrad CPC.

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