Wrong Way Driver, a race about a negligent driver for the Amiga, is out.

As car enthusiasts say, the easiest way to gain homosexual experience is to reverse without turning on the turn signal. However, the protagonist of Wrong Way Driver, a new Amiga racing game, is no longer helped by any signals. His reputation is hopelessly ruined in the eyes of other road users, and "flattering" words to his address can scare away drunken sailors and matronly cobblers.

The fact that the will of the hero turned by chance on a multi-lane highway somewhere not there, and now forced to rush on the oncoming traffic. Have to deftly maneuver to avoid collisions with other cars, as well as pick up canisters of fuel, in order to get to the exit. Along the way you can score as many points as possible, before the accident puts the final point.

The Abyss studio and specifically the developer known as Pink are responsible for developing the game. You need an Amiga 500 (PAL) with 512 Kb of memory or a more powerful device to run it properly. You can download Wrong Way Driver from special page on the thematic forum or directly from "Perfect Pixel".

Tags: Amiga

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