Tribute64 wireless gamepads for Nintendo 64 open for pre-order

Accessory specialist Retro-Bit is opening a pre-order for the Tribute64 controller, inspired by the Nintendo 64 console gamepads. Of course, this wireless device isn't as radical in design as the original. The modern version has only two protruding grips instead of the hardcore trio, the crossbar is shifted lower and the stick takes its place. Moreover, engineers added two more buttons - Home and Select, a vibration motor for Rumble mode and didn't forget about the memory card port.

Tribute64 is designed for N64, but thanks to additional transmitter is compatible with almost any modern computers and consoles. The gamepad can be used to play on Nintendo Switch, thus ensuring generational continuity within the same company, as well as on PC, Mac and other systems with USB support.

Retro-Bit is currently taking pre-orders for the gamepads in three colors: Ultra, Classic Grey and Atomic Purple. The price is $ 40 for the U.S. or € 33 for Europe. For more information on how to purchase Tribute64 please visit official website.

Открыт предзаказ на беспроводные геймпады Tribute64 для Nintendo 64

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