Mahjong Solitaire - great mahjong solitaire for ZX Spectrum

The developer with the nickname Under4Mhz, who recently released Pitman, has unleashed another puzzle for ZX Spectrum - Mahjong Solitaire. As it's not difficult to guess, this time mahjong was lucky, to be exact - the puzzle with the same name, which with the original Chinese board game is similar only by the chips (as, for example, some "Solitaire" with "Fool").

The rules of this solitaire game is quite simple - on the playing field cleverly in several layers are laid all 144 chips, and you have to remove them in pairs. Mutual "destruction" is subject to chips of points, symbols and bamboo of the same suit and value, the same winds and dragons. Also - any two flowers and seasons.

At the same time you can only remove unlocked tokens from the field - that is, those that have nothing on them and their left or right sides are free. If you manage to clean the whole field - congratulations, you win. If you can't - that's okay, try again. By the way, the game will kindly inform you when you have no moves left, so keep in mind - if you can still move, your chances of winning remain.

Mahjong Solitaire's controls are not customizable, but are fairly versatile:

  • QAOP, JKLMI, Cursor-Joystick or Sinclair-Joystick 1 - Cursor movement;
  • Spacebar, Z, 0 or 5 - chip selection;
  • M or X - display partially overlapped chip.

Perhaps a little lack of mouse support, but the author has already promised to think in this direction. By the way, Under4Mhz is not against smart ideas and even brings some of them to life. Visit the Spectrum Computing forum and see for yourself, and at the same time you can thank the author for the fact that there's finally a decent Mahjong Solitaire on Spectrum.

You can download Mahjong Solitaire either from the aforementioned forum or from "Perfect Pixel" - here version for 128K, and here for 48K.

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