Yoomp! 64 — a conversion of the great game from Atari to Commodore 64

Back in the day there was a game for DOS called Tube made by Bullfrog. The player controlled a blue space ship that was flying through the tube while dealing with enemies, dodging the obstacles and collecting bonuses. It was a good game and the concept lived.

Many years later, in 2007 to be precise, an ABBUC Software contest was held. The game Yoomp! for Atari XL/XE won that competition. Its concept was very similar to that of Tube, but this time around the player controlled a bouncing ball, not a space ship. What’s the difference? Well, the tube wasn’t uniform. The space ship could just fly over the pit or rift, but the ball could not. This new mechanic was essential for game’s success.

The tube itself consisted of tiles with different properties. Some could teleport the ball, while others would affect the speed. The game was great, but it was only available for Atari XL/XE. Now it’s a member of Commodore 64 library as well. The port suffered from some limitations: the game cannot play both music and sound effects at the same time, but in a nutshell it’s the same thing, as addictive as ever. 23 levels await you in this conversion called simply Yoomp! 64.

The game is available in following formats:

The free digital version can also be downloaded from our site. As always, enjoy the videos:

Yoomp! 64:

Yoomp! for Atari XL/XE:


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