Run! - a good port of the mobile super hit Vector on ZX Spectrum

In 2012, an awesome game Vector, created by the Russian company Nekki, was released on cell phones. This is the so-called "jogger", which is controlled by gestures: press up - jump, press down - slide, press right - accelerate, press left - brake. The main character is constantly running forward and excellent parkour skills, and the player's task is to timely press the screen to make the protagonist perform another cartwheel or crash into one of the many obstacles. At the same time from a certain level the poor guy is also chased by enemies, which only adds to the sensation of spice.

The game was a huge success (the developers talked about tens of millions of downloads), spawned a full-fledged sequel Vector 2, and now inspired Roman Tsikrita to create the similar "runner" for ZX Spectrum - though technically much less perfect, but still exciting.

His attempt to port Vector to a less powerful platform is called Run!, and it boasts 9 levels, 3 difficulty options, AY music and even the presence of a small intro. Yes, the local graphics can not be called stylish and even beautiful - it is obvious that it was drawn by a programmer far from the arts. Yes, the music doesn't fit the gameplay, and the animation obviously lacks frames. However, at the same time, playing Run! is really interesting - and this is the most important thing.

It's funny, that as soon as Roman posted his brainchild on Spectrum Computing forum there were people who offered him help to improve the game. Now there is work on the redrawing of animation (plus, instead of four frames on will now be as much as five), and Roman himself has written a more appropriate on the plot and atmosphere music (drum'n'bass, by the way). I wish somebody would help the comrade with re-drawing the backgrounds...!

In general, in the foreseeable future Run! will become even more beautiful and interesting, but you can already enjoy the game by downloading it from "Perfect Pixel" or

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