Soul Force is a beautiful new scrolling shooter for Commodore 64

The horizontal scrolling shooter Soul Force for Commodore 64 by writer and developer Sarah Jane Evory has finally made it to release. Recall that Sarah started working on it in May 2019, but the working title at the time was SlipStar.

And now, after a year and a half of development, the game has fallen into the hands of Protovision, which is publishing it both digitally and physically. The digital copy ( costs a hefty €8, and the cartridge version - from €45 to €63 depending on the package (in addition to the manual, audio CD and other bonuses there is even a puzzle in the form of a spaceship). Alas, there is no free variant yet.

Soul Force — новый красивый скролл-шутер для Commodore 64Soul Force — новый красивый скролл-шутер для Commodore 64

Soul Force looks very cool (especially pleased with the complex parallax scrolling) and plays, presumably, no worse. Here are just the main features of this scrolling shooter:

  • 20 adrenaline-packed levels, each with its own unique graphics;
  • separate splash screen and music for each of the levels;
  • 7 different bonuses;
  • 4 different weapons that can be upgraded;
  • other ship upgrades;
  • a lot of battles with bosses;
  • 4 levels of difficulty;
  • a password system and the ability to save the game (including the cartridge).

If you want to take a closer look at the game before you buy, watch this video:

11 января, 14:53

Целых несколько секунд не понимал, как два слоя сделаны.

Потом дошло.

Нормальный мощный уровень для с64!

11 января, 23:44

Красиво, хоть коммодор покупай.

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