Dark Transit, a quest-platformer about the space Kappa

Friendly resource Planeta Sinclair led us to another game for ZX Spectrum - platformer with quest elements Dark Transit. It was made by Sasa Bjedovic and the music was written by utz.

In it you take on the role of Kappa, a cyborg specially created to work in the mines outside the solar system. One day our Kappa receives a message from another planet where other Kappas are working in the mines. The message reads, "We're under attack!" - and take it any way you want. Of course, the Kappa immediately reports the message to his superiors, and that sends him to the scene to investigate.

You'll have to be patient if you want to get ahead in this game with not the prettiest graphics, far from responsive controls and a lot of glitches. But it's not another classic platformer - you can't just walk around the screens, you have to pick up different objects like a jackhammer and explosives, and use them for their intended purpose.

Download Dark Transit from our website or from Google Drive.

8 февраля 2021, 17:52

Did you try playing it, listening to the OST? It is amazing... :)

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