Dizzy Extended Edition came out - an improved and corrected version of the classic

Here comes the full-fledged release of the improved version of Dizzy, about which we wrote just the other day. The game was named Dizzy Extended Edition (at least we will call it that to avoid confusion) and boasts a simply mind-boggling number of fixes and improvements. Here's a more or less complete list from the author, Andrei Titov (Titus):


  • Dizzy's sprite is now displayed by mask;
  • there are Dizzy's recovery points for each screen;
  • the speed of graphics output is increased in 3 times, the game is synchronized with the framerate if possible. Everything became smoother, faster and more uniform;
  • crawl lines have become absolutely smooth;
  • 16 new screens have been added;
  • 11 items and some other graphics have been added;
  • some old items were redrawn (made more beautiful);
  • the story has been greatly expanded;
  • additional sounds have been added;
  • water has become blue-blue in color;
  • "free" ways to shorten the game have been removed;
  • Russian translation is done.


  • corrected the firewood under the boiler;
  • fixed accidental overriding of control keys during any tune;
  • fixed pushing objects with hard surfaces onto the top frame of the screen;
  • fixed a non-functioning high count digit; * fixed a skeleton not pushing back items on the top frame of the screen;
  • skeleton does not move away if objects are thrown at it. Items fall lower on the screen with the labyrinth;
  • item names are now purple instead of blue;
  • flying and gathering Dizzy does not spoil scrolling objects;
  • the slow-flashing and falling pickaxe have been fixed;
  • corrected brightness artifacts on the horizontal elevator line in ice caves;
  • corrected and improved the scenario for defeating Zax. Zax now stops killing Dizzy after he "slides in";
  • fixed Zax's top snowflake freezing because of the amulet;
  • the bridge over the skeleton is now restored when you enter the screen;
  • the flask does not jump until the fire is lit;
  • the blinking elevator thread in the shaft has been fixed;
  • fixed the jerking spider on the hermit's house screen;
  • fixed cap and screen frame lighting. Now it is the same as in the game itself - left-top;
  • fixed some artifacts of splash screens;
  • some internal bugs fixed.

As you can easily notice, Andrew has done a lot of work on other people's mistakes (which, however, more than understandable, given the release date of the game and the timing of its development). If you haven't played the original Dizzy or did it a long time ago, you can waste your time on Dizzy Extended Edition 2021. By the way, Titus didn't add immortality to the game, because otherwise it won't be interesting to play this game (especially if you play carefully). And he also strongly advises to use a magnet - it will start working as soon as you find it.

Download Dizzy Extended Edition 2021 from ZX-PK.ru forum (you should thank the author there) or from "Perfect Pixel": here Russian version, and here English version.

Source: zx-pk.ru

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