Atari800MacX emulator now supports Apple M1 processors

The famous emulator Atari800MacX, designed to run games for the 8-bit line of Atari computers on modern versions of macOS, has experienced another, but very important update. Since version 6.0.0 it natively supports Macs with the M1 processor (and, presumably, all future ARM chips from Apple). Of course, Intel support is still there, but also it has several bugs fixed and a couple of minor improvements introduced.

You can download Atari800MacX from GitHub or from official site.

Just don't forget that since this emulator is considered an "application from an uninstalled developer", you can't just open it - macOS will say that it can't verify it. In order to get the stubborn OS to run Atari800MacX after all, you have to hold down the Ctrl button, then right-click the mouse, then click on Open and then on Open again. Thank God, you only have to do it once - after that the program will start without any problems.

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