New Ghosts 'n Goblins port video for Amstrad CPC Plus

Development of another full version of Ghosts 'n Goblins for Amstrad CPC Plus is nearing completion. The developer nicknamed Golem13 completely finished all the levels during this time, although he says that he still needs to tweak the difficulty a bit, fix some bugs with sound and graphics, as well as improve a couple of technical details.

In order not to leave the public completely without new material, the author decided to release a 7-minute video, which, however, is written on the old build - there is not so polished gameplay is not ready even the second level, well, with sound is not as good as the current version. It would have been more reasonable to record video from it, but thanks to that - the difference with demo version is still obvious:

9 марта 2021, 10:02

На удивление мягкая палитра. Это точно CPC? :)

9 марта 2021, 12:02

Amstrad CPC Plus. В него добавили хардварные спрайты и расширенную палитру (с возможностью выбора из 4096 цветов)

9 марта 2021, 12:45

№2. Slash Net

Спасибо, теперь понятно!

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