Graveyard Story - Zombie Calavera Prologue platformer released on MSX and ColecoVision

Mexican programmer Oscar Toledo Gutierrez, who prefers to inhabit the Web under the nickname nanochess, has expanded the "system geography" of the platformer Zombie Calavera Prologue, which originally appeared on ZX Spectrum from under the pen of The Mojon Twins studio and was later ported to C64, Plus/4 and VIC-20. Having seen the game 5 years ago, my friend was so impressed that he decided to port it to MSX and ColecoVision (the hardware of both platforms is almost the same, except for sound chip).

Then Oscar was in the throes of life, and remembered his decision (and the goodwill he received from The Mojon Twins) only this year. And immediately, after spending just a day or two, let out a full-fledged version of Zombie Calavera Prologue immediately for two new platforms. Now, to play as a cemetery guard Santos, who must go to purgatory, defeat the villain Pellejo and save his wife, can play for fans of both the famous Japanese computer, and no less famous American console.

You can download the game from the Atari Age forum or directly from Perfect Pixel - here's the version for MSX, and here's the one for ColecoVision. There's even an option to play directly in your browser or just watch a video:

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