Monstro Giganto - colorful fighting game for C64, made with pseudo graphics

RGCD company just opened pre-order for fighting game Monstro Giganto for Commodore 64 which is fundamentally different from its genre peers by three things: first of all, all fighters in this game are monsters; second, all fighting is shown above the belt (like a man!); third, all graphics are made using PETSCII symbols, typical for Commodore computers.

Monstro Giganto looks very colorful and, judging by the trailer, even plays pretty well, although you shouldn't expect a serious fighting game like International Karate. Nevertheless, the developers from Pirates of Zanzibar put into it not only a bunch of fighters, but also a nice soundtrack, 250 words of digitized speech, the ability to save your achievements directly on the cartridge, all sorts of unlockable bonuses along the way and full compatibility with both PAL and NTSC.

Right now, Monstro Giganto sold on cartridge only for £35. There's no separate digital version, alas, but it's sure to come later. But you'll get not only the game but also a colourful box, a 20-page A6 manual, vinyl stickers, pins, postcards and a quality A3 poster.

The publisher and developers warn that the game is designed to work only with the cartridge, because it is constantly loading data from it. That's why there isn't and won't be a disc version. Instead, you'll get a CRT file which can be used both in emulators and in devices like Ultimate 1541-II. Also keep in mind that the local soundtrack will only sound properly on a real SID-chip, and the authors aren't responsible for the emulation.

For those who pre-order now, the game is promised to ship in late April or early May.

5 апреля 2021, 22:35

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