Unique Fusion Retro Books and magazines available for free

The publisher Fusion Retro Books has given all fans of retro literature a regal gift by temporarily making all digital copies of most of their books and magazines free.

The result was 24 free PDFs with a ton of interesting content: there's a unique book about the Oliver Twins and Dizzy, stories about companies like Ocean and US Gold, a bunch of retro Fusion magazine themed issues, one issue each of the revived Crash and ZZap!64 magazines in a new format, one Crash yearbook and even a collection of Jettman comics. All in all, a plethora of information: a lot to read!

The easiest way, of course, is to go to official website, add the titles you want to "cart" and place your order. It will cost 0 pounds, and after you complete your order the links will drop on your mail. But if you're only interested in specific books or magazines, you can explore our full list of free titles. Take your pick!



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