Turbo Sprint beta for Amiga, a port of the classic arcade race is out

In 1986, Atari Games released the arcade game Super Sprint. In it, players drove a high-speed car similar to those used in Formula One races. Cars raced along eight winding tracks, located on one screen with a view from above. Up to three people could drive at a time, and a simple upgrade system allowed you to increase maximum speed, handling, or acceleration.

Super Sprint turned out to be such a popular game that it earned a mention in Tony Mott's book, 1001 Video Games You Should Play Before You Die. But the real proof - the next! - proof of popular love is the Amiga port by developer Graham "Mcgeezer" Cowie, called Turbo Sprint. The new version is pretty much the same as the original, except that you can take control of all four cars in the race.

The project is currently under development. However, a playable beta version is available for download on official page or, for your convenience, directly on "Perfect Pixel".

Tags: Amiga

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