Torn Metal - new RTS for ZX Spectrum announced

The desperate lack of real-time strategies for ZX Spectrum is about to be corrected by a group of enthusiasts led by Sergey Slabodchikov, who are working on Torn Metal - a classic RTS with a bias towards tactics.

The game takes place in the distant future, when humanity, colonizing distant worlds, encounters unknown artifacts of a long-gone civilization. Having landed on an unknown planet, you must understand what led this civilization to its demise. At first the spaceship will be your only home in the hostile new world, but with the help of a small unit you can explore the planet and fortify yourself on it, fighting off the crowds of alien creatures eager for your destruction.

To achieve your goal, you must expand your holdings by exploring the planet and capturing needed resources. The rule "the more the crowd, the more likely to win" in Torn Metal does not work - here you will have to act in small tactical groups, studying the enemy's defenses and selecting the right units, because each of them has its own unique skills and characteristics.

In development are involved:

  • Idea: Sergey Slobodchikov (Marie Slip)
  • Scriptwriter: Andrey Gunenko (Black Cat)
  • Artist: Kirill Kagan (Surfin' Bird)
  • Music: Denis Pokalyuk (Fatal Snipe) Programmers: **Sergey Slobodchikov (Marie Slip), Mikhail Gamaev

No release date has been announced yet - it's a big and complicated project, so hurry is inappropriate here. By the way, after release on ZX Spectrum 128K, extended TS-Conf version may be released. You can follow the development in the game's telegraph channel, on or on Ideal Pixel, we plan to write about the project from time to time.

Of the materials already posted by the authors, there are a couple of gifs and a small video clip:

18 мая, 15:46

Графика прямо очень крутая!

Конечно, хочется минимального цвета - хотя бы желтого и белого с брайтом и без.

18 мая, 17:06

Клёво выглядит!

18 мая, 19:55

Вот тут, примерно как будет ...

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