A World of One-Way - a new puzzle game from the author of Yanga

Vitaly Serdyuk, who gave us the excellent puzzle game Yanga (and then its improved version Yanga+), entered the ASM 2021 contest from the Bytemaniacos website. As you can easily guess, only assembler-written games, suitable to run on ZX Spectrum 16K, were accepted.

Vitaly's new game is called A World of One-Way, which is again a puzzle game. On each of the 19 levels you have to reach the door, collecting coins (spinning spheres) along the way, trying not to get caught by enemies or bump into dangerous interior elements like bombs. Levels look simple at first glance, but the main character can only move in a straight line to the nearest obstacle, which complicates the passage. And to make your life even more difficult, there are surprises like enemies or your doubles, that move synchronously with the protagonist, even on the very early levels. In general, you will have to scratch your head, and that is the most important thing for a puzzle game.

You can download the game from official page on itch.io (you can also pay a little money to the author there) or from "Perfect Pixel". The source code of the game is on GitHub - study it at your leisure. And if you want to draw some levels of your own for A World of One-Way - contact Vitaly here or on ZX-PK.ru, he will be happy to help you.

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