Flighty Fox - a smooth and cute Flappy Bird clone for Amiga

Eric Hogan, also known as Earok, keeps making new games on his engine Scorpion Engine. Most of them are still far from being ready, but Eric still considers one of them - a simple clone Flappy Bird - worthy of a full-fledged release.

Flighty Fox, in which you control a vixen who flies left to right on her airplane and tries not to crash into obstacles, is primarily designed to demonstrate smooth parallax scrolling even on a basic Amiga 500. And the game copes with its task - it looks nice, the frame rate is really excellent, and fans of Flappy Bird will even like the gameplay.

Well, let's wait for more games on this engine - first tiny ones, and then serious ones. You can download Flighty Fox along with sources from official page on itch.io or from "Perfect Pixel": here game, and here sources.

Tags: Amiga

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