A cute family game about owls in development on the Scorpion Engine for Amiga

Since February, 2021 comrade czorny is working on amiga engine Scorpion Engine - bright, kind, family-friendly and untitled (let's call it so) Owl Game, that is a beautiful game about an owl. This owl, we should note, is very round, and therefore eerily inspires, shame to admit, the thought of slang pulling it on the globe. Say, a coincidence? Well, who knows the author. However, in view of a certain bonus content, such an association is not even deprived of relevance.

In terms of genre it's a labyrinthine platformer with free scrolling in all four directions and a bouncing-hovering character. Managing our rounded heroine in each level you have to collect a specified number of insects, presumably to feed the chicks in a limited time (for example, three minutes). The owlets themselves, colorful and amusingly wiggling their heads, also have to search.

Sometimes a hoopoe bird can be found perched on a branch, sitting there with a smart look on its face. Butterflies we do not touch, but slowly crawling blue worms and cucumber jumping green grasshoppers are perfect for breakfast. As, by the way, would red ants, barankin-style throwing improvised spears. Yes, and spiders that melancholy shot off with spiderwebs-delayers. But touching the aggressive bees, crawling out of the hives and persistently chasing our huntress, is absolutely not worth it.

There's also a hedgehog here, attacking like a sonic, good thing it's not blue. And cones, beckoning glittering among the crowns of trees (we'll return to them). And in the chests on the branches and secret sublevels hidden, like a charm, gold coins! A special blue pedestal with a soaring wing lets you fly higher. Finally, the owl's health is shown here as a line of feathers.

Special mention should be made of the recently added to Scorpion Engine parallax effect. With it the game looks even prettier. In the latest update on June 10 the author also added a beautiful birches, the ability to carry the water droplets to water the dried out vegetation and evil boss squirrel, which throws nuts.

Now about the bonus level and some "cheekiness. This, it seems, is a compilation of all the chips that were abandoned in the main game. First, it's a horizontal scroller (yes, also with parallax). Second, in this level (pay attention!) an owl, clad in riveted armor (!) is carrying some kind of bird (or is it a mosquito?) shooting cones (sur!). Butterflies, flying by, leave rows of coins behind them... Bees firing pink balloons, exploding when hit with cones... Cone-shaped enemy things rush past at high speed, and on the lawns as in a delirium sway fiercely rascally flowers... And what will be your "berries"?

However, to play all this, of course, can not yet. We'll wait for the release and watch the trailers:

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Tags: Amiga

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