Voting for "Your Game 6" contest has started - deadline is January 7

Voting for the contest "Your Game 6" has opened. We received 6 games, which is not a dozen and a half of YRGB2020, but still not bad. Besides, most of the games are designed for ATM Turbo 2 and, consequently, will work perfectly on ZX Evolution (BaseConf), so the owners of these computers are also lucky.

The prize fund of the contest is 188 000 roubles, the main sponsor is SASPACK LLC. The main sum will be given by the organizers according to the results of popular vote):

  • 60 000 rubles - first place;
  • 40 000 rubles - second place;
  • 30 000 rubles - third place.

Another 58,000 rubles will be distributed by the jury at its discretion. In any case, the amount is impressive and the small number of applications only increases the chances of each of the developers to get for their work good money.

You can vote for all participants of "Your Game 6" here, putting each of them from 1 to 10 points. And we'll tell you about all the games.

• • •

Numeris II (ZX Spectrum)

A tetris-like puzzle game with tricky rules that involve the ability to add in columns in your mind. We've already written about both the first part and the sequel, which is more fluid, presentable, and so on.

Download the game.

• • •

High Way Star (ATM Turbo 2)

A clone of the arcade game Rally-X - racing through a maze, where you have to collect flags scattered around the track and avoid meeting with enemy cars.

Download the game.

• • •

Gravibots Evolution (ATM Turbo 2)

An arcade puzzle game by Denis Grachev, ported to ZX Evolution. The point is, on each level you must destroy all the Gravibots, skillfully manipulating gravity. We also wrote about this game quite recently - read.

Download the game.

• • •

Last Mission (ATM Turbo 2)

A port of a flying shooter with on-screen movement and a funny feature - the unit we control consists of two parts: a base on tracks and a flying cannon. Ona can be detached from the base and with greater efficiency exterminate your enemies.

Download the game.

• • •

Red Raid: The Sinking... (ZX Spectrum)

An action puzzle game in which you have to wander around a submarine in distress, think a little, and shoot at enemies. A sequel to the game put up for the Yandex Retro Games Battle 2020 contest (/news/retrogamesbattle2020/). We also wrote about this project a week and a half ago.

Download the game: side A and side B.

• • •

Battle City (ATM Turbo 2+)

We didn't just write about this game - it actually came out two months ago. But then it was a version for TS-Config, and now the clone of the famous arcade game appeared on BaseConf and will work fine not only on ZX Evolution, but also on ATM Turbo 2+. Otherwise - classic tanchiki, not to diminish or add.

Download the game.

3 января 2021, 18:59

До 7 декабря?

3 января 2021, 19:34

№1. Виктор Лупасин

Пофиксил, ага.

3 января 2021, 19:51

High way star - это не то чтобы клон. А декомпиляция мсх рома с переделкой вывода на атм.

3 января 2021, 19:58

Конкурс - это пример правильных усилий по популяризации платформы.

4 января 2021, 19:15

№4. Dmitri Ponomarjov

Глупо было назначать второй конкурс с разницей в месяц.

Полгода дало бы больше

5 января 2021, 04:40

поддержим Red Raid: The Sinking..., написанную для этого конкурса под 48К!

7 января 2021, 19:48

Пожалуй, Red Raid здесь самая оригинальная.

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