The Yanga puzzle game is now exactly twice as good

Decent puzzle game Yanga didn't do well at the Yandex Retro Games Battle 2019 contest due to its complete lack of sound and not the most obvious (if you don't really think about it) rules. That's why the jury ranked Yanga 16th out of 19, and the readers ranked it 7th (which is much better, but there was every chance to go even a little higher).

Fortunately, the game's author Vitaly Serdyuk, who hadn't planned to modify it for the Spectrum before (see our interview with him), changed his mind anyway and released Yanga+ - actually a complete add-on with 28 new levels (they alternate with the old ones) and a bunch of other improvements.

So, the game finally got sounds and music for AY (it was written by Oleg Nikitin), and a beautiful screensaver, drawn by Dmitry Ponomarev (yes, one of the sources of inspiration for it was Halvdan Black from the "Vikings" series).

At the same time introduced a password system, slightly revised graphics, completely changed the font (which is a pity - the old was more authentic), and the Russian language was replaced by English (apparently, to please and foreign audience). Well, and the principle of solving the puzzles now seems to be more obvious, although we did not have any problems with it at once.

You can download Yanga+ from official page or from "Perfect Pixel".

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