A unique Castlevania demo for Intellivision - Intellivania

A unique Castlevania demake for the Intellivision console, predictably titled Intellivania, has finally gone on sale and... immediately expired. Obviously, the author, Matthew Keel, just couldn't handle the high demand for the game, because this demo looks really great, given the hardware limitations of the platform.

But no worries - you can get a stylish black box with beautiful art, containing a cartridge with the game, a colorful user manual and two luxurious gamepad pads. But a little later, when Matthew restocks. To make sure you don't miss it, you either have to check out Intellivision Revolution from time to time, or sign up for its newsletter.

Intellivania costs exactly $60, not including shipping. People who have already played it don't hide their excitement. The author managed to fit not only every single level of Castlevania into this demo, but also implemented a smooth scrolling, drew quite recognizable graphics and even very cool converted painfully familiar music. The game has three difficulty levels and a password system that comes in handy - after all, Castlevania isn't the shortest or easiest game to play.

Well, while you're waiting for Intellivania to appear in the official store or at least for the digital release, you can watch blogger John Hancock's review where he shows about 9 minutes of gameplay:

18 марта 2021, 11:38

Выглядит отлично!

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